Woman hit by car in Buckhead thrown about 30 feet, video shows driver never stopped

A Georgia parent is sharing her pain after her daughter was hit and left for dead on a Buckhead street last weekend.

Valerie Pableo's mom Ann Rutherford acknowledges that the driver had a green light when her daughter was crossing, but says they never slowed or stopped after hitting her. 

Rutherford, says her daughter was crossing the street at Peachtree Road and Mathieson Drive early last Saturday morning with her friends when she was hit.

"I am just heartbroken, my world is just torn apart," she said.

The entire thing was caught on an Atlanta police camera. Rutherford gave us the video and wants FOX 5 to show it in hopes it helps find the person responsible. She hopes someone can recognize the black sedan and turn the driver in.

"I don't have the heart to watch the video, but I was told that this person, the driver, never showed that he slowed down," Rutherford said.

Noah Matricciani was one of the friends who was with Pableo when she was hit.

He says they were crossing Peachtree at Mathieson around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 20 and thought it was safe to cross, despite the light being green.

"You could see probably up and down the road for around .3 to .5 miles no one was there," he said. "The road was quite literally empty. If the car was going 35 to 40 miles per hour which is the speed limit we would have made it."

For much of the last week, Pableo has been in the ICU at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. Heart-wrenching images show how seriously Pableo was injured. She is dealing with brain injuries, fractures, and internal bleeding.

She is undergoing physical therapy because her mom says the hit-and-run left her with potentially life-long injuries.

As her daughter recovers, she is working to figure out how she will pay for the care.

"The bill is still going up and keep going up, and she doesn't have insurance, she's a full-time student, she's a part-time worker," Rutherford said.

At this point, the family says the police do not have the license plate number of the vehicle involved so they are asking anyone who might know something to call the police.

The family has started a GoFundMe, you can help by clicking here.