Woman headed to Atlanta Jazz Festival found in Conyers

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UPDATE: Police said they have located Molly Hilsman in Conyers. The 38-year-old woman was found near a Conyers Dairy Queen. She is back home with her family.


COVINGTON, Ga. -- A desperate search is underway for a woman who was on her way to the Atlanta Jazz Festival when she vanished.

Covington Police are working in tandem with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office to find 38-year-old Molly Hilsman. She disappeared but her car was found at the Rideshare lot in Covington.

Her mother Lenora Hilsman and her friend Bernadette Smith spent much of Monday afternoon posting missing fliers around Covington Square. The worried mother told FOX 5 News spreading the word of her daughter Molly’s disappearance is keeping her focused on what’s important right now.

“Of course I have all these thoughts but I’m really trying to stay positive and just keep praying that she is fine and she’ll be found safe,” said Hilsman.

The fliers were also left on windshields of vehicles at Covington’s RideShare lot where Molly’s Black Acura was recently located, minus Molly or any signs of her.

Her mother said she last got a text wishing her a Happy Memorial Day, which included an emoji with a heart, from Molly a few hours before the 38-year-old woman headed to the Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park with some unknown person or persons.

“We don’t know who the friends are and never heard from her again. We don’t know if it was one person or several,” said Hilsman.

She said her daughter was driving in from her home in Rutledge in Morgan County when she vanished two weeks ago.

She also told FOX 5 News Molly suffered a brain injury about a decade ago in a car accident which may leave her vulnerable. Her medical condition is a concern for Captain Ken Malcom, with the Covington Police Department.

“Obviously, that adds a concern for us that she may not understand that she could be in danger that she may be more trusting than someone that has not been in a situation like this,” said Captain Malcom.

Covington Police and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office are working together on the case.

Captain Malcom said there has been no activity on Molly Hilsman’s cell phone or her Facebook page.

Anyone with any information on this case is asked to contact the Covington Police Department or the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.