Woman fights back against thieves

A woman said her DeKalb County home has been hit by burglars not once, but twice.

Lolita Manghram lives in a neighborhood just off of Wesley Chapel Road near Decatur. She said this not the first time thieves have targeted her family. She said it happened before when she lived in Gwinnett County. Now she is fighting back by putting the surveillance video online.

“I feel violated because you don't know if you are being watched,” said Manghram.

The security cameras are pretty sharp. They show a stranger wearing a culinary team t-shirt casually walking through the DeKalb County house, almost as if he belongs there. Manghram, who has been a victim of a home invasion when she lived in Lawrenceville, said these break-ins are everywhere.

“I was held at gunpoint in Lawrenceville by three men in masked and the other two times I was not at home and they broke in and took my property,” said Manghram.

The most recent intrusion happened Monday of this week in DeKalb County when the 39-year-old woman's security system captured those clear images. Ironically, while FOX 5 News was at Mangrhram's home, a DeKalb County officer responded to an active burglar alarm but found nothing.

She said police have told her if no one is shot or more than $10,000 in property is stolen, the case is not a priority.

“They explain because of the workload that the county has, something like this is not going to be on their priority list. I posted it on Facebook,” said Mangrhram.