Woman Accused of Killing Kittens Speaks Out

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A woman accused of killing kittens by throwing them from a moving vehicle is speaking out. At this time Janeth Maclean is facing three counts of animal cruelty in Paulding County.

This all started back in June. That's when a woman told Dallas Police she saw Maclean commit the acts on Highway 278. Officers told FOX 5 it all happened when Maclean was driving home from work in the afternoon. They retraced her route and found two of the cats, one of them was deceased. 

Maclean insists she is being falsely accused. She adds, since her arrest, she has been harassed in her community and by people who come to her job.

“My face is all over the Internet,” Maclean said of her mugshot. “People degrade me, bully me and belittle me. They call me a psycho.”

Maclean insists she would never hurt an animal. In fact, in an exclusive interview with FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell, she claimed she didn't have cats in her car that day. Maclean and her husband added they only have one house cat, Daisy.

Maclean doesn't know why a woman, who she doesn't know, reported her to police.

“I've gone through hell,” Maclean said.

At this time a court date is pending for Maclean. If convicted, she could face up to three years in jail. Stay with FOX 5 for the latest.

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