What goes into deciding on closing school?

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Some school districts in metro Atlanta and north Georgia have opted to keep their doors closed for a fourth day on Thursday due to damage and a lack of power in the wake of Irma.

But what goes into making that decision to cancel classes?

The south side of metro Atlanta was hit hard by Irma, much like the rest of the state. The storm brought down trees and power lines, leaving many classrooms with power. Georgia Power crews have been working nonstop to restore power.

Fayette and Henry counties had too many dark classrooms forcing them to cancel school altogether.

“We did have staff come in today, but it just made more sense for us to not have students with so many of our schools without power. We had to cancel for students today,” said Melinda Berry Dreisbach, Fayette County Schools.

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Without power, officials said no school meals can be prepared and with technology, such an integral part in the connected classroom of today, students, and teachers would have a hard time with a regular lesson plan.

“We’re so connected now with devices and electronic learning so that would have been hampered as well,” said Melinda Berry Dreisbach.

Road closures also play a factor with buses not being able to pass some streets.

But both the Fayette and Henry county school district said power has been restored and classes will resume as normal on Thursday.

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