Voter fraud concern in Gwinnett County is really confusion over a Spanish phrase

"Hogar de" is Spanish for "household of," not the name of a person trying to claim an address that isn't theirs to illegally vote in the primaries.

Many people who live in Gwinnett County found that out after calling in concerns to report the Spanish phrase listed on mailed election materials as voter fraud.

Election workers confirm there's been confusion about an envelope during primary election season. The return address, like everything else in the letter, is written in English and Spanish, but that doesn't seem to be what tripped people up. Who it's addressed to does.

The envelope in question says "Household of..." and "hogar de," which mean the same thing, plus a Gwinnett County address. 

Gwinnett County is the only county in Georgia that requires all voter materials be written in more than one language. It's based off the population of people who speak something other than English. 

"When we moved here five years ago it was a lot less diverse than it is today," Amanda Olaghere said, noting the increasing Spanish-speaking population in Gwinnett County.

Once a non-English speaking population reaches a certain number, it must be included on ballots-- that's required under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

"I'm not sure why something being in two diff languages would constitute as election fraud" Olaghere said.

Again, election workers said it doesn't.

FOX 5 reached out to the state elections board for an official comment. They said they didn't have one, but through text messages, they did reiterate this is just protocol.