Volunteers needed for return of Call For Action

We have great news for you. After a two-year hiatus, Call For Action makes its return! We’ve missed them so much. You’ve missed them so much. Our volunteers have missed you. 

For years, FOX 5 has had an office teeming with people answering phones, making calls, and more importantly, listening to you. As many as eight volunteers are returning, but they need more. 

"It’s indescribable," said Lula, a 13-year CFA volunteer. "It gives you joy, and that you can only experience by volunteering."

Call For Action and people like Lula help you to fix problems that you can’t get a handle on yourself. They help you find a solution that works for you and the business or even the government department that sometimes gets entangled in its own red tape. 

"We help consumers," said Shirley Rooker, the Call For Action president. "They contact us with problems big or small. We do have contacts with a lot of corporations who direct us to someone, so we can help the consumer where they probably couldn’t get it done themselves."

And there are so many types of situations where they’ve helped in the past. There was the case of the peeling leather couch, the faulty fridge, and the veteran just looking for his well-deserved benefits. Call For Action fixed them all.

It’s a nationwide network of volunteers.

"Of course we want some people from Atlanta to come and volunteer with us. We have some volunteers returning when we had to shut down for because of Covid. But we are looking for people, and we are hoping you will join our team."

It's easy. Go to the Fox 5 website and look for the Call for Action pulled down under the Fox 5 I-Team title. They prefer you sign up online. Only use the phone number as last resort.