Viral video: Students act out lynching in a boy's bathroom

Private school students, of Hispanic and black ethnicity, were caught on camera acting out a lynching in a school bathroom. 

The incident took place at the Cristol Rey Atlanta Jesuit campus. President Bill Garrett labeled the mock lynching unfortunate. He quickly ordered out of school suspensions for those involved. 

In the video, the teens laugh throughout. Some put while cloths over their faces reminiscent of a dark chapter in the south and elsewhere in America. 

While FOX 5 blurred faces that were uncovered, anyone can clearly see a black teen taking part in the stunt. 

Neither the school administration nor parents found anything to laugh about.

Philoundashea Copeland attended a parents' meeting on Thursday. 

"Some of the parents were visibly shaken, moved to the point of tears," Ms. Copeland said. 

She called the incident inappropriate but said she does not believe there was anything malicious.

"My son told me kids hang out in the bathroom almost every day after lunch," Copeland added. "They role play. In one case, a child pretended to be a priest and conducted mass for the boys."