Video shows rescue after soda machine falls on man

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A handyman hired to build a shelf is recovering after a 600-pound soda machine he was moving falls on top of him. Surveillance video caught the painful moment as he tried to load it onto a trailer.

“Pretty heavy? Yeah, it was a lot heavier than I thought so.”

Carl Marino can laugh about it now. But Tuesday when he tried to load a big heavy, soft drink machine onto a trailer, he knows he came close to death.

“What’s it feels like to have a soda machine sitting on top of you? The weight of the world. It wasn’t good.”

Surveillance video from Tower Place Crossfit shows the moment the vending machine toppled onto Marino. The reaction of his partner can also be seen.

Marino’s screams for help could not be heard inside the gym because of music. But they could hear him next door at Driven Import Auto Care. SKYFOX Drone flew over the parking lot the two businesses share. The mechanics were inside working on cars playing their own music. And yet his cries for help penetrated all the noise of busy mechanic’s shop.

“I hear ‘Help!’ Screaming. ‘Help! Help!’ I guess the guys were loading vending machine and it was way too heavy for the other gentlemen to life off by himself,” Dustin Perry said.

The surveillance video shows the employees and owner of Driven Import Auto Care arriving to lift the heavy machine off of Marino.

Marino is just happy the fall didn’t kill him.