Veteran suffering painful illness accuses VA hospital of neglecting him

A Vietnam Veteran who served our country with courage, now says the VA hospital is neglecting him.

68-year old John Lomax says he has lost more than 50 pounds over 4 months and is always in excruciating pain. 

Lomax says that dramatic weight loss is a symptom of just how sick he is.

Doctors diagnosed him with Shingles and kidney stones 4 months ago, but he says the VA sent him home with 7 pills and hasn't treated his dire condition.

"Here I am in pain right now and they got me scheduled for an MRI, Sept. 17 and I am calling them every day," Lomax complains 

 Mr. Lomax is a contractor who needs to be on his feet working different jobs, right now he says that just can't happen. 

"I get up in the morning and this thing is extremely painful. Look it up on your phone. Look up Shingles and see," the father and grandfather insisted.

Lomax, who is a Rastaman, is disappointed and frustrated.

He served out country valiantly and is trying to take the high road and believe in the VA.

"I think I am not the only one," he said. "I have access now, so I have to do it for everybody that is having problems with the VA.

Lomax told FOX 5 Atlanta's Aungelique Proctor he was afraid for his own life. 

"I am, because of the weight loss and what is happening here, " Lomax concluded.

The VA sent FOX 5 News a statement late Wednesday afternoon:

Due to patient privacy, we cannot discuss the Veteran’s personal information without written consent. The Atlanta VA Health Care System always works to make decisions that are in the best medical interests of our Veterans.

Any time a Veteran or family member expresses concern, we reach out to them directly, just as we have done in this particular case.

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