Vandal spray paints over a dozen homes, cars in Mableton

Someone went on a rampage with a can of spray paint in a Mableton neighborhood.

"I was shocked and amazed because I didn’t think nothing like this would happen in a neighborhood like this," said Sabrina Avery, whose car had spray paint on the back.

More than a dozen homeowners in the Oakdale Bluffs community woke up last Thursday to the vandalism. Even the club house is covered with squiggly lines of black paint.

"Random homes being spray painted and vandalized," said Reese Copeland.

Copeland’s security cameras captured a man in his backyard tossing his patio furniture around. Copeland then walked to the front of his home and saw his car.

"Lo and behold, someone decided to spray paint it. Just happy I didn’t catch the guy, I’ll say that," said Copeland.

Cobb County Police responded immediately and began talking to residents and looking at surveillance video and took a warrant out for a man named Eric Grandy. One warrant shows Grandy fired 4 to 5 shots outside a bedroom of one home, then ripped the ring doorbell camera off the house. Another warrant says the same man then went to other homes on Mayfield Way and spray painted garage doors and several cars.

"It was definitely disturbing," said Copeland.

Many are still wondering why anyone would do this.

"I just don’t understand why he chose to vandalize the property of other people," said Avery. 

The community’s HOA has been keeping everyone up to date about assessing the damage and repairs to the outside of the homes, of course, damage to the vehicles is up to the owners.