USPS delays impacting customers in metro Atlanta

Many residents in metro Atlanta are expressing frustration as they report that their mail has slowed down or come to a complete standstill. 

This situation is causing disruptions in the delivery of crucial items such as paychecks, bills, and even medications for some individuals. Complaints have been pouring in from customers across the region, from as far north as Gilmer County to the southwest in Atlanta.

Catara Adams, a local business owner in the graphic design industry, shared her experience at the Crown Road post office, where she attempted to ship an order to a customer in Florida. Similar complaints have inundated our newsroom from postal customers throughout the metro area. One North Georgia business owner, choosing to remain anonymous, expressed concern about the impact on his business.

According to an anonymous mail carrier who spoke with FOX 5, the slowdown is a result of the post office implementing a new consolidation plan and closing a processing center in Duluth. The carrier alleges that hundreds of mail employees have called in sick as a form of protest.

Both business owners and residential customers are emphasizing the importance of mail services, seeking an explanation for the disruptions. In response, the Postal Service issued a statement acknowledging the concerns of local customers and assuring that local management is working swiftly to address any issues.

The Post Office apologized for the problems and provided a statement, stating, "Local management has been made aware of the concerns of some local customers regarding their mail delivery and are working quickly to resolve any issues." They also shared a contact number for customers experiencing problems: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).