Urban Cowboy: 'Treat me like everyone else'

Fulton County's so-called urban cowboy is back in the news. Brandon Fulton says he was recently found not guilty on a host of animal cruelty charges, but his legal troubles are not over.

The man known as the Fulton County's urban cowboys is not exactly singing happy trails, even though Brandon Fulton says he was found acquitted on 10 of 11 charges of animal cruelty against his horses.

He says he was found guilty of one count regarding a young calf he says he was nursing back to health, but his troubles are far from over. 

He says five days after the not guilty verdicts, Fulton County issued three more citations for animal cruelty.

"I'm just following the system," said Fulton. "I'm inside the system and the procedures. Only thing I'm doing is the right thing, and I'm following their rules and their procedures on how to get the animals back."

Fulton says so far animal control has seized 14 horses and he owes more than $50,000 in impound fees.  He says some of the horses were sold before his cases came to court.

An attorney for Brandon Fulton believes county officials have targeted him.

"I really don't want to talk down the government, I just want the government to do what is right," said Fulton. "Just be fair. Treat me like everyone else. Before charging me, look at all of the circumstances. Look at the condition of the animals."

Brandon Fulton has made headlines over the years both positive and negative.  He earned the nickname the Urban Cowboy because he could be seen riding his horse along roadways in Fulton County, and claimed to share his love of horses with children.

Fulton County officials claimed last year they found neglected animals on the property and seized them.