Underground Atlanta GM brutally beaten during Atlanta protests

Craig Waters went to Underground Atlanta during Friday night's protests to check on the damage there and was nearly killed by an angry mob.

Family members say Waters, who is the general manager of Underground Atlanta, drove over to check on the damage after learning the protest had turned into a riot and had reached the property. His wife Arla Mae Waters told FOX 5, a group of demonstrators came upon him as he was assessing the damage and attacked him.

"All seven started beating him until he passed out," Waters said, adding that her husband suffered extensive injuries.  "Right on the right side, where the connection between his cheek and nose are broken. His right eye socket is broken. He is lucky he lived through it. It was very severe he can barely move."

Waters said her husband has a long road to recovery ahead and worries the emotional scars from the harrowing ordeal will remain long after the physical wounds have healed.

"He's a very upbeat, outgoing man, very kind but this has really affected him," Waters said.

Atlanta police will review video from security cameras located on the property in hopes of identifying the suspects. 

As police search for the suspects, Waters pleads for an end to the violence, saying "This is not going to solve anything. Violence is not going to solve anything we need to come together."