Tour the new Carvana 'car vending machine' tower in Midtown Atlanta

The new Carvana tower in Midtown is the company’s largest one standing at 12 stories tall. It can be seen while driving along the Downtown Connection.

The tall tower of glass and steel is basically a vending machine for cars. The company mostly sells cars online and one way to deliver them is by the tower.

“So there’s 27 towers across the country. And this is actually the tallest.  It’s 12 stories high and it holds 43 vehicles,” said Allison Andrews, Carvana.

Carvana actually started in Atlanta in 2013. Purchases, including financing, all done online. It’s a business model that Carvana said has paid off during the pandemic.

Atlanta’s car vending machine is located right alongside the Downtown Connector on 16th Street. Pickup is made by appointment only.

Carvana made its name by offering at-home delivery of cars you buy online. They are still doing that. This is just another option.

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