Toddler found wandering outside Clayton County Waffle House

Clayton County police are working to learn how a 2-year-old was able to wander alone outside of a Waffle House early Friday morning.

It happened at the restaurant on Route 42 off of Highway 675 in Clayton County and those dining and working inside offered help. 

"I saw something coming close and someone said, ‘That’s a baby.’ I thought I was tripping. I pulled my phone out and started recording because I couldn’t believe it was a baby right here," Aaron Hollins said.

Aaron Hollins was inside with his friends and took the video of the child walking just before two Friday morning.

"The baby was coming where the side part was starting over the hill," Hollins said.

The toddler is heard in the video saying he was cold.

Hollins said the baby was wearing a soiled diaper and was wrapped in a wet blanket.

"We got the baby some clothes and we fed the baby some waffles," Hollins said.

One worker inside didn’t want to be identified but stated she believes the baby came from a mobile home community across the busy highway.

Clayton County police didn’t confirm how or where the baby wandered off from but stated the child has been reunited with his parents. 4

"Can you imagine you’re chilling and eating and then you look and there’s a little baby coming off the grass and you know it’s nothing but cars are? It’s like what the heck. It’s whoa!" Hollins said.

Hollins said he has a child around the same age and glad he was in the right place at the right time.

"I was supposed to be at work and that’s the wild part and I caught the baby at the right time and I was in the wrong place," Hollins said.

Clayton County police said they are still looking into this incident.

As of now, the parents aren’t facing any charges.

The toddler appeared unharmed.

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