Thieves target convenience store three times in one week

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Slammed, pushed, and robbed at gunpoint – that's how DeKalb County police described a robbery at a local grocery store.

It was a crime so scary, police say medics transported the robbery victim to the hospital for anxiety.

According to the department's incident report, two men in masks and hoods robbed and attacked the cashier at gunpoint inside the Big Bear Food Mart.

And employees and customers say this isn't the first time their store was hit this week.

They told FOX 5 it's the a shame the small business was targeted three times in the last week.

Surveillance footage shows one armed robbery happening Saturday night, then a burglary happening hours later on Sunday. 

Customers say they plan to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in order to protect the store, which they say brings value and convenience to the community.

"This is a good store walking distance and easy access," Lorenzo Wilkerson said. "I wish it would stop."