Thieves steal guns, medication from cars in Cherokee County

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Deputies in Cherokee County are looking for thieves who broke into cars in three subdivisions and even stole two cars.

Investigators said the thieves targeted 18 cars at homes in the Dogwood Farms, Wildwood and Crabapple Farms subdivisions off Highway 140.

"It just gives you a sick feeling in your stomach, a real uneasy feeling," said Kayla Doyal, whose car was rummaged through.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, thieves crept through the Dogwood Farms subdivision. Investigators said they stole a Range Rover but ditched it when it had a flat. Deputies said the crooks then stole a 2014 Hyundai Elantra and drove through the neighborhood searching for unlocked cars.

"I called the cellphone, and they answered. I said, 'Give me my stuff back,' and they hung up," Doyal said.

Cherokee County sheriff's investigators said the four crooks then drove to two other subdivisions and rummaged through more cars.

Capt. Jay Baker said these are not neighborhood kids looking for spare change.

"These are not neighborhood kids going into cars looking for coins and CDs. These are people being brought here by a third party, stealing things and looking for guns," Baker said.

"When we saw the guns, that was when it hit home," said Chris Teague, who lives in the Crabapple Farms subdivision.

Teague's security cameras picked up video of the crooks in his driveway, and one picture shows a gun in one of their hands as he is flipping car door handles.

Teague said he worries about his family's safety.

"I had money in the truck. None of it was taken. There's a military knife in there, they didn't take that, so they were obviously looking for something... guns, drugs," said Teague.

Neighbors are on edge, knowing these four thieves are still out there, and they have guns.

"There's a lot of unrest in our subdivision, knowing that people have been rummaging through our cars," Doyal said.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity in neighborhoods is asked to call 911. Investigators also remind everyone to lock their car doors, even when they're in the driveway.