Testimony continues in sexual harassment complaint against Fulton County commissioner

The Fulton County auditor admitted he received an anonymous complaint that Commissioner Natalie Hall was having sex with her chief of staff, but Anthony Nicks said he did not investigate the complaint, but instead told two commissioners on the Audit Committee about the allegation.

Another employee testified yesterday that Nicks said he could make the complaint "go away."

But Nicks denied he said that under oath Thursday.

At issue, Fulton Commissioner Natalie Hall’s former chief of staff is suing her and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for sexual harassment and back pay.

Calvin Brock says he was forced out of his chief of staff job when he no longer wanted to have sex with Hall and wanted to see other women.

Her former chief of staff told the court she believed from the beginning that Calvin Brock did not have the right qualifications for their team and was not a good fit.

Hall’s former chief of staff, DaVena Jordan, said Hall seemed to rush Calvin Brock’s employment and wanted him to get an interview for a job on her team instantly after meeting him at a Rooms To Go furniture store in May 2018.

Mrs. Jordan testified Commissioner Hall was extremely relaxed and unprofessional during Brock’s interview and asked Brock, "What are you going to do about all the women who will come after you at Fulton County?"

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Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall (FOX 5)

Hall denies she made the statement.

Former Hall employee Sequoia Kirby said she met Hall and other staffers in a rushed and unusual meeting in 2020. The first meeting she testified was on the street, and then she said there was a second meeting in a park to turn in county IDs and equipment, as if they were being fired.

She said this happened around the same time Brock says he lost his job as Hall’s chief of staff. He believes she pretended to fire the entire staff, so his termination would not be obvious.

Brock alleges Hall forced him into a sexual relationship, but fired him from his $125,000 a year chief of staff job once he wanted to date other women.

Fulton County auditor Anthony Nicks told the court he received an anonymous complaint on the whistleblower hotline that Commissioner Hall was having sex with her chief of staff.

Nicks said Hall told him the complaint was likely filed by a political opponent because it was campaign season.

In a troubling development, Brock’s attorney pointed to the anonymous whistleblower complaint that falsely indicated Nicks had interviewed the complainant and stated no further action was needed. When Brock’s attorneys asked the county auditor why that was listed on the document, Nicks said it was a mistake by one of his employees.

In another blow to Commissioner Hall’s defense, Fulton County’s human resource chief testified that Hall did in fact fire Brock and that he did not resign.

Chairman Rob Pitts and Commissioner Bob Ellis both told the court the county attorney informed them about the allegation, but neither county official looked into the complaint.

Mr. Brock’s attorneys plan to rest their case Friday after Commissioner Khadijah Abdul-Rahman and others testify.