Terrifying encounter at Rockdale County fast food restaurant

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A terrifying encounter at a Taco Bell in Rockdale County has shaken employees and left investigators wondering if it was an inside job.

Two men wearing masks and carrying guns stormed the Taco Bell on Salem Road at three minutes before closing last Wednesday night.

“This is probably an inside job, a job of either a former employee or someone who is disgruntled,” said Investigator Dwayne Smith, with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigator Dwayne Smith said the two armed robbers knew the layout of the restaurant.

The two armed men robbed one of the employees of cash then fled on foot likely into a nearby neighborhood.

“That tells me they’re really close to this area I guess cause there’s a lot of houses over there so it’s easy for them to get to. It didn’t take but a few seconds to get home if you live close to the area,” said Jasper Crooms who lives in the area.

Investigator Smith told FOX 5 News the two robbers were young, perhaps teenagers, amateurs with weapons who left a lot to chance.

“They’re amateurs, they never locked the door behind them they never made any attempt to secure the environment before they even went in,” said Investigator Smith.

He said at one point one the gunman’s masked slipped off, partially revealing his face.

He’s one of two who risked the lives of employees and themselves.

“You can’t take a life for granted, that’s something that’s given to you, you have to respect it,” said Jasper Crooms.

Investigators are hoping local residents recognize the unique Nike shoes with a white swoosh one of the gunmen was wearing and the clear pink backpack the other was carrying.

“The backpack itself looks like it belongs to one of the schools, maybe a school-issued backpack because it’s clear. Does that mean we might be dealing with a student? Possibly,” said Investigator Dwayne Smith.

Anyone with any information on the two gunmen is asked to contact Investigator Smith, Dwayne.smith@rockdalecountyga.gov, at 770-278-8161 or Investigator Laura Shook, laura.shook@rockdalecountyga.gov, at 770-278-8164.