Teen shocked with Taser on Douglas County high school campus

A Douglas County mother and her two children face charges after one of the teens allegedly used a Taser on another student after a Lithia Springs High School basketball game. Investigators said the student who was shocked went to another school.

"She was on the ground, bags were on the ground," said Sgt. Trent Wilson of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. "The scene was chaotic."

Douglas County Sheriff's Deputies said several junior varsity basketball players from Lithia Springs High and Maynard Jackson High got into an argument in the gym last Tuesday.

"They were able to get everybody separated, and they made the decision to made for Lithia Springs High School girls to leave the premises along with Maynard Jackson's team," said Sgt. Wilson.

Once the girls were separated in the parking lot, that's when deputies said the confrontation turned physical.

"One of the juveniles from Lithia Springs High school received a taser and tased one of the teammates from Maynard Jackson," said Sgt. Wilson.

Deputies say after the 15-year-old used the Taser, her mother, Nydia Powell-Hicks pulled out a gun and started pointing it at the children.

Powell-Hicks is now facing 6 counts of aggravated assault and a charge for having a weapon on a school campus. Her daughter is facing three charges for aggravated assault, having a weapon on a school campus, and obstruction.

"They're kids, so of course, if you point a gun in that area or just pull a gun out, that's going to terrify them," said Sgt. Wilson.

The brother of the teen with the taser was also charged with one county of obstruction after deputies said he did not cooperate with them and had to be physically removed from the gym.

The Douglas County School System said it has a zero-tolerance policy for weapons or violence on its campuses.

"It is very unfortunate, however, the Douglas County School System continues to evaluate its safety procedures and practices to make sure students, community members, and staff continue to feel safe," said James Strong, the Director of student support and safety management for the Douglas County School System.

Sheriff's Deputies said they're grateful no one was seriously hurt.  "At that point innocent people, lives are involved, and at a lot of times, it's them who end up getting hurt, so once again, leave the weapons off the school zone property," said Sgt. Wilson.

The Douglas County School System released this statement about the incident:

An incident occurred at Lithia Springs High School Tuesday evening (January 7) following a basketball game. An altercation between a Lithia High student and students from Maynard Jackson High School occurred outside the school gym in the parking lot. During the altercation, a student reportedly tased a student from another school. At that time, an adult pulled out a weapon. School Resource Officers and off-duty officers providing security for the event quickly responded and intervened. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is now investigating the incident.
The Douglas County School System is committed to the safety and security of our students, staff, families, and our guests. We will not tolerate violence of any kind on any of our campuses. We will continue working with law enforcement to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.

— Portia LakeDirector of Public InformationDouglas County School System

The school system says it is considering a clear bag policy and adding more lights and cameras to the parking lots to help keep students safer.