Teen carjacked at gunpoint in Lithonia High School parking lot

No one expects getting carjacked at gunpoint while picking a kid up from school, but it happened to a 19-year-old at Lithonia High School and her mother says it's made the teenager hesitant to leave her room.

DeKalb County School District confirmed the 19-year-old was in line to pick up her brother from school when two men walked up, tapped on her window and held up a gun. 

NaKisha Simpson, the victim's mother, says she and her family moved to DeKalb County from Savannah for a change of pace. 

"We just wanted something different," she said.

Friday afternoon's horrific situation at the end of the school day has made her question if it was the right decision.

"At this point, I want to move out of DeKalb County," she told FOX5's Alex Whittler.

DeKalb County School District police report on Jan. 14, two men walked up to Simpson's daughter and knocked on the car window while she was waiting in the Lithonia High School parking lot. 

"I was at work when it happened, that's why she was picking him up," Simpson explained.

"When she turned around, he had a gun pointed at her face," she said. "He told her to get out of the car and leave everything."

Simpson says she wanted a mass email sent out to parents informing them of the incident. 

"The fact that she was on school grounds that should be a safe place infuriated me," she said. "I'm angry but I'm hoping that this makes the change the process."

She says she expects instances of this magnitude to automatically involve the DeKalb County Police Department

The DeKalb County School District responded with a statement:

"The safety and well-being of our students, staff and stakeholders remain a top priority. On Jan. 14, a DeKalb County School District police officer respond to a report that a 19-year-old woman was approached by two armed males while she was in her car in the parking lot of Lithonia High School. The suspects jumped into her car and drove off. The incident is under investigation."

Simpson says the car was a silver Nissan with tags RHA9824. Call police if you see it.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to report it to DeKalb County School District police. The Criminal Investigations phone number is 678-613-3627.