Suwannee family up for Disney's Volunteer Family of the Year

A Suwannee family is being celebrated for their good work in their community and may be in for some big fun with your help.

The Jeevanayagam family are one of the five families in the running for Disney's Volunteer Family of the Year. The winning family receives a trip to Walt Disney World Resort for a weeklong dream vacation and joins the company to celebrate Family Volunteer Day.

Nicky and Jacob Jeevanayagam have rallied around their son Luke after he was diagnosed with autism, making what could seem like a challenge into a family strength.

In the submission letter, the Spectrum Autism Support Group told Disney that Nicky, Jacob, Luke, and Luke's twin sister Hannah have volunteered together at the organization for the past six years, being the first to volunteer for everything from autism awareness campaigns to silent auctions to races.

"The amazing thing about this family is that they exemplify what it means for 'a family that serves together stays together,'" the spokesperson for the organization told Disney in the letter.

Disney said they picked the Jeevanayagams because, in part, "The family believes that everybody deserves love and respect - no matter their background, financial need or disabilities."

The whole family stopped by Good Day Atlanta to talk about their nomination and the work they do.

If you want to help the family win the trip, you can cast your vote here.