Suspected robber on the run after escaping hospital

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Police in Cobb County are desperately searching for a suspected armed robber who escaped from custody Friday.

“Everything's going to be looked at, obviously, we're going to make sure the officer followed protocol, but all of that will be looked at as this is an on-going investigation,” says Officer Sara O'Hara, Cobb County Police.

The Cobb County Police Department says that they arrested 19-year-old Jules Jackson and 26-year-old David Robbers for an armed robbery on the 2700 block of Leland Drive in Marietta Thursday afternoon.

Arrest warrants obtained by FOX 5 News accuse the two of armed robbery. The document states Jackson allegedly pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at the victim, then made off with cash and the victim's backpack.

Officials say they believed Jackson may have swallowed a "potentially dangerous" amount of narcotics before being arrested, so they transported him to Kennestone Hospital.

Then, early Friday morning, police say Jackson slipped out of his handcuffs and leaped out a window.

“While he was there, he was handcuffed to the hospital bed as is per our policy and the officer stepped out to handle some business for a minute or two. When he returned the room window had been opened and the suspect had escaped through the window,” O'Hara says.

Hospital officials tell FOX 5 News he was discovered missing at around 3:30 in Friday morning and seen running across the roof. Authorities placed the hospital on temporary lockdown while a massive search and manhunt got underway but turned up nothing.

“Consider him armed and dangerous, I would definitely would not approach him, I would definitely call 911,” O'Hara says.

Police say anyone who may know where Jackson is should call 911 immediately.