Suspected mail thief caught on camera

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Police are suggesting residents of one upscale apartment complex in Brookhaven check their credit report.

The reason is that the complex was targeted by a mail thief who systematically went through every box in the package room sifting for letters and packages.

Authorities retrieved crystal clear images of the thefts. The unidentified man at first uses a key to try to gain entry. When that fails him, he comes back with a black case and takes out a tool to pry the box frame open.

After the man "shops" for what he wants, he carefully reattaches the frame in order to make it look like nothing had happened at all.

Brookhaven Police Sgt. Carlos Nino said thefts of this kind have been used to commit identity theft.

"We have victims," Nino said. "It's a big problem if people have fraudulent credit lines opened in their name."

At one point, the man looks up at the camera.

Brookhaven police want anyone who may recognize the man to call them with any information.