Suspect in deadly mobile home park shooting turns self in

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The suspected gunman in a deadly shooting in Gwinnett County has turned himself in. 

The shooting happened in the Smokecreek Mobile Home Park near Snellville just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Gwinnett County Police said when officers arrived they learned the victim had been transported by another person to an area hospital and the suspect had fled the scene.

"He shot my son, right here with his own child next to him, plus his nephew, cold blood, right here on this playground," said mother Elizabeth Smith Adolphe.

The victim, Ezekial Smith, 18, later died at the hospital, according to police.

Investigators believe an argument between two men escalated on a basketball court when one pulled out a handgun and opened fired.

"All I heard was gunshots and I said ‘Oh my Gosh, oh my Gosh. Call 911, call 911,’" the mother of 10 said.

The suspected gunman, Robert Jennings, 31, turned himself in Thursday morning. 

"Guns kill, they don't do anything but kill. Stop killing your own kind, settle your difference and if you can't settle it, walk away, the broken-hearted mother advised," Adolphe said.

Jennings is a resident of the mobile home park where the shooting happened. He is facing several charges, including aggravated assault and felony murder.