Surveillance cameras capture armed robbery outside man's apartment

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Daiyaan Bailey got the shock of his life when he realized his doorbell surveillance camera captured an armed robbery right outside his front door.

“See the guy in the red shirt being pushed down and the guy coming towards him with a gun.”

Bailey’s doorbell surveillance camera captured the violent crime.

Bailey was headed home the night of April 6th when he received an alert on his phone from his home security system.

“It just said ‘loitering notification’.”

Bailey didn’t give it much thought. He assumed his mom had dropped by his apartment, activating the security camera. He was wrong. He arrived home and made a disturbing discovery.

“I see keys and drugs outside on the floor,” Bailey said.

Bailey couldn’t imagine how they wound up in his apartment breezeway. No one lives in the unit across the way.

He reviewed his surveillance video and made a shocking discovery.

“There’s a big robbery in front of my door.”

That’s right. The camera captured what appears to be a man robbing someone at gunpoint. Bailey called the police.

“They said they didn’t have any reports of a robbery in the area. They said it was probably a drug deal gone bad.”

Bailey no longer feels safe in the apartment and is working with complex management to move to a new unit.

He says another security camera recorded someone hanging around his back porch before the robbery. He’s thankful he wasn’t around when it happened.

“If I never would’ve made that stop at the store, I probably would’ve walked in on it.”