Super Bowl party savings

It's obviously a big weekend in Atlanta. And, no, not everyone is going to the Super Bowl, but a whole lot of us are watching it and having friends over. Let's have fun but keep it on budget.  

Let's create a game plan. Food. You need food first, and pizza usually comes to mind. Well, this year skip ordering pizza. That's expensive. Get a frozen pizza. They make so many great, fancy ones now. And you can make it more restaurant-like by putting your own toppings on the pizza. It'll work. I promise.

You can go one step further by cutting that pizza up into bite-sized pieces. You can do that with quesadillas, too. If you have a veggie tray or other snacks, they won't need a whole slice of either one.

Also, pass on name brands. Get store brands and put them in a bowl. No one will know that you didn't make the  hummus.

Next, you'll need supplies, right? Cups. Plastic. Plates. Go to a discount store and get these. Don't pay top dollar, instead, get it for a dollar.

Fill out the table by having friends bring a dish. Give them specific marching orders: You bring a dessert. You bring a side dish.

And finally, don't overdo the decorations. I know it's tempting. It's like running into Target or Walmart for just one thing and walking out with a $100 receipt in your hand. Make it simple. Put up a few blue and gold streamers for Rams fans, blue and red for Patriots fans.

And now you're ready to party.