Summer travel season, gas prices set to explode

As more Americans get vaccinated and our states reopen, more people are hitting the road, but they will find higher gas prices at the pump.

Memorial Day and summer vacations are right around the corner, after a year-and-a-half indoors, many are ready to travel and prefer the automobile.

"For me, a car is safer because it is a private environment with only me and my family versus a plane which is a vessel with all those people in a tight space," driver Lauren Paz commented.

An Alpharetta gasoline supplier said a shortage of truck drivers is part of the reason.

"With an increase in demand and not a lot of increase in supply and then you consider the shortage of drivers, you see a major increase in fuel prices," Mountain Express Oil owner Turjo Wadud explained.

(FOX 5)

Just how high could those prices go? The metro Atlanta area already is seeing just above $3 in some areas and Mr. Wadud said the federal government is considering a fuel increase.

"President Biden proposed that he might be thinking about a $0.40 tax uptick on fuel cost, so $3 for sure, but experts are saying in some states $4, yes," Wadud revealed.

Drivers like Lauren Paz said the hike would change her driving patterns.

"I am more comfortable in my car, but if it is $4 a gallon. The car will be in the garage," the new mother replied.

Mr. Wadud said qualified truckers are needed. He said they can be trained online and make six figures a year.

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