State Senate agrees to House substitute bill on medical cannabis oil

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The Georgia State Senate has agreed to a House substitute bill on medical cannabis oil during the final day of the legislative session. 

The compromise bill would add six new diagnoses to the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis oil, including autism, AIDS, Tourette's syndrome, and Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, anyone in a hospice program, regardless of diagnosis, will be allowed access to marijuana oil that's low on THC, the chemical responsible for the marijuana high.

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The campus carry bill did pass. It allows licensed gun owners to carry firearms onto public college and technical school campuses in Georgia. The bill does not allow guns in sporting events, student housing, preschools or childcare spaces, classrooms for high school dual enrollment students, faculty offices or disciplinary hearings.

Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a similar measure last year, and lawmakers hope to negotiate something the Republican will sign.

The campus sexual assault bill did not pass this session.

Thursday marked the final day that the General Assembly plans to meet this year.