South Fulton Police find missing child, caretaker

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South Fulton Police said authorities have found a missing girl who disappeared with her caregiver on Tuesday. Police said she was found safe in Clayton County and the man she was with when she disappeared has unrelated charges pending.

According to police, 4-year-old Obrielle Curry was last seen at the Walmart on Old National Highway on Tuesday. Investigators said the child's mother left her daughter at the store in the care of Moses Allen while she ran some errands.  The mother told police when she returned to Walmart, her daughter and Allen were nowhere to be found. 

Police said Obrielle was been found just before 5 p.m. Wednesday in Clayton County along with Allen.

"The child was located in Clayton County at a school there. She is safe. And she is doing fine. Protective services are actually involved at this time to make sure this child is safe and everything is checked out with her. The gentleman, the suspect he's currently in custody in Clayton County where he is actually awaiting charges. Also, he is awaiting an interview from the South Fulton Police Department from investigation division," said Lt. Marcus Dennard, South Fulton Police Department.

The mother, Shalonda Curry, told FOX 5’s Aungelique Proctor she has been friends with Allen for 10 years and described him as like a godfather to Obrielle.

"I do not think he would harm her, but then I don't put anything past anyone. I cried my eyes out last night. I just don't know where they are." Ms. Curry said with tears in her eyes. 

Curry said she left her daughter with Allen so she could take her son to get a haircut, and added Allen left his cellphone in one of his bags, which is still in her car.

Police describe Obrielle as 3-feet-tall, 70 pounds and has dark skin. She was last seen wearing a black shirt with bold letters, black shorts, and black shoes. 

Investigators describe Allen 6-feet-tall, 205 pounds, with light complexion skin. He was last seen wearing khaki pants, a white shirt, and black shoes. 

South Fulton Police plan to release a video Wednesday afternoon with the girl and the man leaving the Walmart.

Investigators ask anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two to call 911 immediately.