Small business owners take steps to regain employees, customer trust in pandemic

Returning to work in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves some employees--especially those in the service industry--feeling a bit uneasy.

Monica Vellacillo manages the Caribbean Fiesta restaurant in Gwinnett County. She said she and her staff feel a lot better knowing their Duluth and Alpharetta restaurants are undergoing a full-scale disinfection with CDC approved products. 

"They're a lot more excited to come back to work. This makes them feel like they're safe to go back home to their families after work," said Vellacillo.

Restaurant owner Sarah Callender and her mother said they will continue to follow the daily CDC recommendations for sanitizing, but decided to go with a hospital grade disinfectant to clean and cover every surface before they reopen the patio and dining areas in the next couple of weeks.

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"We want to make sure customers feel comfortable coming back, but our employees are also our priority and we need to make sure they feel safe," said Callender, whose restaurants provided take out service throughout the pandemic.

Sari Papazian said he and his business partner, Hanna Azar, started Virus Busters earlier this year when the coronavirus was sweeping through China. He said they figured the deadly virus would spawn a need for disinfecting services with CDC-recommended and EPA approved products.

"We want to do our part to help the economy get going, but we also want to make sure that people are safe while that's happening," said Papazian.

Equpped with full-body PPE's, Virus Busters have serviced salons, small business offices and child care facilities thus. But calls for service started picking up when Governor Brian Kemp allowed businesses to reopen.

 The owners of Virus Buster told FOX 5 their service isn't just about making a profit. 

"We hope to expand and offer free services to small organizations with smaller facilities or volunteers who provide essential services to those in need in the pandemic," said Papazian.

For more information, visit virus or call 404-405-5538.

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