Show horse killed in hit-and-run crash

Bartow County authorities want the public's help in finding the driver behind a fatal hit and run. The victim was a show horse.

The animal's owner said the driver crashed through a fence, hit the 1,200-pound horse, and threw the animal 75 feet.

Mitchell Martin said he is just heartbroken. He said he's spent his life training and caring, not for his own horses, but other people's horses. And for something like this to happen has been devastating. That's why he's offering a reward out of his own pocket to find the person responsible.

Tiny blue ropes hold together a portion of a wire fence that surrounds Five Forks Stables on Crowe Springs Road in Bartow County. Investigators said this is the scene of a horrible hit and run accident early Wednesday morning.

Mr. Martin said the 3-year-old horse was named Buck Hi Brow Cat, an American quarter show horse. He was just showcased last month.

Martin said the only thought that is giving him peace is Buck never suffered. He was killed on impact. As for the driver, authorities believe this partial grill of a Chrysler vehicle and a rebel flag tag found at the scene belongs to the vehicle involved.

Authorities said right now the driver is looking at a traffic violation charge but more charges could be filed.