Shots fired into two Fayetteville homes

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A Fayetteville neighborhood is on alert after police say it appears a dangerous stranger shot at two homes on the same night.

One of the slugs hit a bed when they were in the room.

Brandon Marsh has lots of questions about who fired the weapon that left two bullet holes on the front of his next neighbor’s home.

“It’s generally a retirement sort of neighborhood. Whoever it was is obviously local because they were able to see when the cops left after the first one,” said Marsh.

Fayetteville police said about four hours after shots were fired at the first home around one last Saturday morning, two more shots were fired at the back of a second home just around the corner.

Investigators tell FOX 5 News Fayetteville the shots came from behind the house, one of the bullets getting dangerously close to a little boy in a bedroom.

The projectile or bullet rested on the child’s bed, the child was not on the bed at the time, the child was laying on the floor,” said Ann Marie Burdett, the public information officer for the Fayetteville Police Department.

Investigators released an alert for a man wearing an orange beanie and driving a black 90 to 95 Lexus LS 400 believed responsible for the gunfire, where fortunately no one was hurt.

“What’s are the odds of something really, really bad had happened that night I just, I don’t know,” said Joy Thomas, the next door neighbor to the second home shot at.

Fayetteville police tell FOX 5 News residents of the homes shot at don’t know each other, adding it’s unclear why the homes in the Spencer Square subdivision were fired upon in the first place.

“You don’t just stumble into this place you have to be looking for our neighborhood. We haven’t seen it before it was a thing, one night,” said Marsh.

Fayetteville Police tell FOX 5 News they have increased patrols to the neighborhood.