Shopping strategies for a stressful, deal-filled Black Friday

Black Friday. It comes every year. And as of Wednesday, we are 23 days away. It's close. So it's important for smart shoppers to have a strategy session. The calendar shows Friday, Nov. 29 is the big day. And for many, this is the day we get the bulk of our holiday shopping out of the way.

First, the budget. What is your holiday budget? Decide now so you are not fumbling over what to get in a rush then grossly overspend. 

Second, create a holiday shopping list to see what the prices show now – today – that way you'll know if what you see on Black Friday is really a deal or not. 

Third, check product ads. The site Deal News does this; it studies the ads for you.

Fourth, try on new retailers. Yes, you may have a favorite retailer, but look everywhere for that item, perhaps a store you don’t usually visit might have the better deal.

Now, here's a big decision, do you stay or do you go? Do you go out and shop with the crowds or do you do it at home with a cup of coffee while in your pajamas? To FOX 5's Dana Fowle it's obvious. Home. But many people love the hustle and bustle of being in the first big holiday crowd of the season.

Ok, three more things you can do to prep: Don't shop like you work at the store. If you're going to Target or Walmart, red or blue are no-nos. Folks will bug you with questions. And your family can't find you because you blend in. Download shopping apps now so that you can get additional discounts. And finally, stay organized. Have a plan. Go in, get what you need and get out.

This helps you get from "Point A" to "Point B" quickly and efficiently, and you are less likely to be a victim of impulse buying.