Sheriff to parents: 'open dialogue' with children about school shootings

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A metro Atlanta sheriff is challenging parents in an effort to prevent school shootings.

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Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman said "enough is enough" and "school shootings must be prevented" in a letter he posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

"I believe the key to preventing any more tragedies is getting an open dialogue between parents and students," Sheriff Freeman said.

Sheriff Freeman posted the letter Monday. It urges parents to talk to their kids about what to do if they come across potential threats and suspicious behavior at school.

"We have school resource officers at nearly every school, but that's just one person," Sheriff Freeman said. "There is no one more involved or more in touch than the actual students. You can't hide anything from them. They see the social media posts, they see the photos, they hear the rumors in the hallways. What we need for them to do is to tell someone."

Sheriff Freeman said since Florida's massacre last week, his office has received hundreds of parents concerned about their kids’ safety at school.

"They have legitimate concerns and I get it," Sheriff Freeman said. "That's why the time is now to get the conversation started."

Sheriff Freeman said he takes every threat seriously and will investigate each and every one.

"Even if you think someone is joking or blowing off steam, tell us anyway," Sheriff Freeman said. "Because the one time you don't, will be the one time we could have made a difference."