Sheriff: Mother's tough love lands teen in jail; may have saved his life

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said a mother's tough love likely saved her son's life. He said a 16-year-old suspected armed robber was arrested Friday after the mother called the sheriff's office last week.

"I know she is, in some way, regretting the decision to call us, but I would rather take her son out in handcuffs then take him out in a body bag if he had gotten involved in worse crimes or ended up in some type of a shooting," the sheriff said.

The sheriff also said a tip from the Rockdale County Facebook page verified what his investigators had already concluded about the teenager's alleged involvement. He said the teen was wanted in connection with two bold armed robberies at the Taco Bell on Salem Road in just the last couple of weeks.

"The mother called us because she was concerned about some suspicious behavior she noticed in her son and when our deputies went to her home, they noticed things that associated the 16-year-old with the crime and that's when they conducted their investigation and made their arrest. I think it says a lot about this mother and that she wouldn't tolerate suspicious Behavior," the sheriff said.

The 16-year-old was booked into the county jail and charged with armed robbery.

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