Sen. Isakson holds town hall at Kennesaw State University

A raucous crowd Monday night at Kennesaw State University booed and cursed Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson at his town hall meeting.

It started with applause when Sen. Isakson denounced weekend violence at Charlottesville.

"There's no place the Klu Klux Klan, white supremacist or racism," said Senator Isakson.

Cheers quickly turned to jeers, especially when it came to Senator Isakson’s “yes” vote on repealing the affordable care act which would have cut Medicaid.

"To get to the point to make the impact it's going to make you got to get it to a conference committee or it isn't going to happen," said Senator Isakson.

The senator, who recently had back surgery and has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, told the crowd he can relate to being disabled.

"I want to see to it we get to the county that doesn't cut disabilities. We haven't yet and as far as I'm concerned we're not going to," said Isakson.

Many expressed concerns with the senator getting into lock step with President Trump with concerns about North Korea.

"Will you denounce [President] Trump's dangerous rhetoric that puts our national security at risk?" asked one woman.

"The president does under the law of the land and the Constitution have the ability in the first-sixty days to deploy the American troops," said Isakson.

On global warming, Isakson talked about his journey to the ice caps with leading glacialists saying he's a believer carbon contributes to the rise in world temperatures, but the audience was less than enthusiastic.

"If you watch the weather every night you know that climates always changing and it's not always changing the way they are predicting," said Isakson, which resulted in boos.

The senator got similar responses on immigration, on African Americans, and police and other issues.

"I knew there'd be those questions they knew what the answer was and they got to make their point but a lot of Georgians got to have their say so in front of you and to me, that's what was important about it," said Isakson after the town hall meeting.