Search for men suspected in series of business burglaries

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For weeks, they have been busy ripping off businesses all over Gwinnett County. Now police are asking for your help to put a couple of fast-moving burglars behind bars.

At one of the companies, burglarized the thieves stole more than merchandise, they stole a bit of the American dream from a hard-working owner.

“He came in on the back, he broke the door,” said William Vu.

He’s the owner of Global Printing Services in unincorporated Norcross where a couple of busy burglars stole crucial supplies.

Vu told FOX 5 News they got a backup computer server with clients’ design files and computers and other electronics.

For Vu, who came from Vietnam during the boat lift of the seventies as a boy, the break-in is personal.

“We woke so hard to make American dream,” said Vu.

For almost a decade he and a culturally diverse team of designers and artists have built up the printing and digital marking company.

“It hurt because we work so hard to make things better but sometimes it happens like that so it wasn’t expected,” said Vu.

Gwinnett County Police told FOX 5 News

Vu’s company is one of eight business burglarized all over Gwinnett County.

Other victims include a health center in Duluth, stores and gas stations in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Snellville, Tucker, and Norcross.

Video shows two men filling trash bags with cartons of cigarettes.

Raj Jay, the owner suspects the crooks tried to steal a bolted down ATM then moved on to the cigarettes.

“They were trying to pull out the ATM machine, but they couldn’t do it, almost 100 cartons of cigarettes, they took it,” said Jay.

Other videos show what police said is the same two men stealing in the same way since late June to this past Monday, cigarettes, computers, electronics, cash, and more worth thousands of dollars.

“You can make money, from other ways, not just stealing from somebody who else,” said Vu.

Anyone with information on the two burglars is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS.