Search continues for suspects in stolen car dealership checks case

They managed to steal details to counterfeit checks from a McDonough car dealership.

Emanuel Jones, the owner of the targeted business, Legacy Ford, is also a Georgia State Senator.

“It certainly it has made us a lot more careful and we’ve tried to put a lot more controls in place,” Jones said.

He said he’s working with McDonough Police to try to find the crooks who counterfeited his business checks.

“These checks looked authentic which is why a bank cashed them. It was probably a few dollars short of one hundred thousand dollars,” said Jones.

Police released surveillance pictures of five men at various metro Atlanta store locations apparently spending ill-gotten money from Legacy Ford. 

Investigators say the counterfeit checks had been deposited in banks and cashed between August and September last year.

Major Kyle Helgerson, with the McDonough Police Department, told FOX 5 News mail theft is strongly suspected.

“They steal a check out of the mailbox or a check is intercepted through the mail somehow and then they take that checking information and create new checks, forged checks,” said Helgerson.

He said investigators are trying to identify the five men recorded on surveillance.
They have identified two other crooks involved whose pictures were not released.

“We have identified two who we want to remain anonymous or we want to withhold their identity right now,” said Helgerson.

Jones is still trying to understand what happened.

“I don’t really know how it happened or how it got started,” said Jones.

He said the crimes of the five men whose pictures were released and the two others never compromised any of his customers' information.

Jones told FOX 5 News the personal experience will have an impact on his other job as a Georgia State senator under the gold dome.

“We’re always looking at the criminal codes the whole time we’re in session so that’s an ongoing process because the criminals never sleep,” said Jones.

Major Helgerson says even though two men were identified, none of the seven men involved have been arrested.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact McDonough Police.