School Resource Officer uses pepper spray to break up fight

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A girl fight caught on camera at one local high school has some parent outraged after they say the school resource officer pepper sprayed the students as a way to break up the fight.

"I don't think that's okay," Tyveshe Banks said. "That needs to be changed."

Tyveshe Banks said her son showed her a video of girls fighting in the Stockbridge High School cafeteria on Friday.

"He said mom look at this," Banks said. "I pulled over and was like oh my god!"

Banks said the issue is how the school resource officer handled the situation.

"You can clearly see in the video the officer pepper spraying the students," Banks said. "Shouldn't you try to break up the fight first?"

According to the Henry County School District, the deputy followed protocol.

"Due to the nature of the fight and the inability to break it up after different attempts, the school resource officer used a last resort of pepper spray. Everyone involved was examined by the EMTs and cleared of any health concerns."

Still, Banks said she is not happy with how things went down.

"There are steps to be taken and I don't think they were the appropriate ones," Banks said.

The school district said the investigation into the matter is ongoing.