Roswell clinic changes 'Isis' name due to threats

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A Roswell women’s clinic is being forced to change its name after multiple threats over its name.

Isis Women's Health Care opened its doors a few years ago. The name Isis was in reference to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Children, but it would be years after Dr. Hughan Frederick picked the name that he would start hearing about the ISIS terrorist group. That is when some people started to make the unfortunate assumption the two were associated. Workers there have gotten death threats all because of the name of the clinic is the same as the terrorist group.

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“In the beginning, when this first came out, we thought it would be a fleeing topic and just be in the news for a second. They have shown persistence. I feel like everybody, at least in this country has setting on the name ISIS as the tag for organization, because of that it has caused a negative connotation,” said Dr. Frederick.

Thursday, the clinic decided to make a name change to Nile Women's Health Care. Dr. Frederick said he chose the name Nile for the Nile River, which he said is a river that gives life. It is also the name of his daughter, but he said that was just an added bonus.



“It actually feels good, like nothing has really changed. The practice is going to continue to grow,” said Dr. Frederick. “People didn't change, customer service didn't change, we just have a different name, and the name has meaning to it.”

Dr. Frederick said they celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The clinic, which specializes in women’s health and fertility, employs 30 people in three separate locations.