Stay away from black bear, Roswell Police warns residents

He is furry, but he is not your friend – That's the message the Roswell Police Department is hoping neighbors heed to until a roaming black bear in the area is captured.

Officials confirmed there is a wild animal on the loose in the area and are urging residents to stay vigilant.

They released 6 prevention tips to keep people safe:

  1. Never feed or approach bears
  2. Secure food, garbage, and recycling
  3. Remove bird feeders when bears are active
  4. Never leave pet food outdoors
  5. Clean and store grills/smokers
  6. Alert neighbors to bear activity
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Roswell Police urge residents to stay away from a bear seen roaming in the area. (Credit: Roswell Police Department)

Roswell police hope people are able to follow their tips so the bear won't have to be forcibly removed from the area.