Rogue road re-stripping leaves marks, damage to passing cars

A big white paint stripe remained splattered across the side of a Peachtree City woman's car on Thursday afternoon. She said it happened as she drove through the area of a Georgia Department of Transportation road striping project and she isn't the only one to report the damage.

GDOT has apologized for the rogue paint job and has a plan to make it right.

Maybe you’ve experienced driving over freshly painted lines. Paint on your tires possibly even your wheel wells. Peachtree City police said in the reports they took this week, the drivers complained of damage far greater than that.

Gina Crozier has white paint stripe down the passenger side of her black Chevy Tahoe that is supposed to be on State Road 74 instead. She said she followed directions and merged around a road crew restriping the road Tuesday.

Gina said she rushed to a car wash but it was already too late. The paint is thick and hard down the side of her car, even on top of the running boards.

FOX 5 News has heard from other motorists with similar experiences.

On State Road 74, where the road work was being done, there is a lot of evidence of motorists who have run over the fresh paint creating an almost solid stripe across one lane. But Gina said that was not the case for her.

Here’s what the Georgia DOT said in an email to FOX 5 News:

“This occurred during a crack sealing and restriping project on SR 74. This work was done by a contractor of GDOT’s. GDOT apologizes for the inconvenience.”

GDOT is asking drivers with damage to contact its West Central office to fill out a claims form.

What caused the possible malfunction still isn’t clear.

Peachtree City police expect crews to work in the area for some time to come.