Ring doorbell staves off pair of possible crooks, homeowner says

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A northeast Atlanta resident is calling suspicious activity around his home over the weekend – a "break-in averted" – and is crediting his Ring doorbell as the deterrent.

When Loren Mulville checked his security video, he spotted two people he didn't recognize inching down his driveway in a car. At one point, a man signals towards the device and says, "They have a Ring." At that point, the pair turn around and drive away.

"If you needed to turn around, you'd pull in and turn around [at the top of the driveway]," Mulville said. "They continued to go very slowly as they looked around."

Mulville has been wronged by crooks before, losing his car to a slider crime at a nearby gas station. Since then, he said he's trying to be more proactive in preventing crime with what he calls small investments.

"[When] enough bad things happen, you start to go into a preventative mode," Mulville said. "What can I do to really not involve the police and deter people from messing with my things?

Atlanta Police also advocate for things like lights and security cameras around homes. They told FOX 5's Emilie Ikeda surveillance serves not only as a good deterrent but also as an important piece of evidence in investigations.

"If you're at home and you're asleep at two in the morning, there's something keeping an eye out," said Investigator James White, Atlanta Police. "So, if something suspicious does happen at your house or a neighbor's residence, we can actually go back and survey that and get good descriptions of a suspect."