Red carpet return for boy who beat cancer

It was a red carpet event Wednesday for a boy who inspired his Habersham County community. The Level Grove Elementary school third-grader beat cancer and Wednesday hundreds welcomed him back to class as their very own superhero.

It's not ordinary for an elementary school student to roll up in a red corvette escorted by Habersham County deputies. Then again, 9-year-old Junior Guiterrez is no ordinary student.

Junior had a big smile as he walked the red carpet. The third-grader beat a life-threatening blood cancer and his entire school community gathered to celebrate the victory.

Friends said he showed perseverance and had a great attitude, never complaining.

Junior had his share of struggles over the last three years. His aunt Karla Paramo, who works at the school, said he's been in and out of the hospital fighting cancer. That's now in remission. She thanks the school for giving him strength.

Junior appreciated his very own superhero welcome. He said he looks forward to focusing on school and enjoying his childhood like his peers.

Doctors removed Junior's treatment port last week. His family hopes his journey to healing inspires his peers to reach their own goals.