Racist flyers appear in another metro Atlanta neighborhood

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Neighbors in Gwinnett County expressed concern and outrage after flyers from a known white supremacy group appeared outside dozens of neighbors' homes.

Gwinnett County Police said concerned neighbors called 911 and filed reports after flyers in plastic bags with pebbles which were distributed around the Ivy Pointe subdivision and communities near Bramlett Shoals Road.

The flyer indicates it is from a group called the Patriot Front, and states, "we will not tolerate the theft of our future as a gift to the migrant underclass."

The Anti-Defamation League describes the group as "a white supremacist group whose members maintain that their ancestors conquered America and bequeathed it solely to them. Patriot Front espouses racism, anti-Semitism, and intolerance under the guise of preserving the ‘ethnic and cultural origins’ of their European ancestors."

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Some residents said they discovered the flyers after they came home; others indicated on social media that the culprits came by overnight.

"I just can't believe that was sitting in my yard," said one concerned neighbor, who at first believed it was junk mail and then later read the flyer. "Somebody is probably playing a joke or trying to scare people, for whatever reason."

"In this time and day, we really don't need this...This is actually dividing people," said concerned parent Sean Jack, who said he's upset that this hateful message has to be seen by the kids in this diverse community.

FOX 5 News first reported two weeks ago about flyers with the same message spread around Atlanta's eclectic and diverse Candler Park neighborhood, sparking outrage there.

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While Gwinnett County Police said there is no law against distributing flyers of a racist nature, the county does have a law against what are described as "aggressive solicitations," which bans distributing flyers before sunrise and after sunset. Violating the ban can lead to a $500 fine or up to 10 days in jail.

Anyone with surveillance that indicates a vehicle, description of the culprits or a license plate is asked to call Gwinnett County Police.

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