'Pro-white' rally planned for Stone Mountain in April

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FOX 5 News has learned a pro-white group has applied for a permit to rally at Stone Mountain next month.

"Rock Stone Mountain" is advertising the Southern, white heritage rally on Facebook and other social media outlets. The organizer out of Hapeville said they want to call attention to the “cultural Marxists” who are attempting to erase Confederate Heritage and the white race as a whole. Many call the gathering a Klan rally, but organizers are deliberate in not using that term.

"The groups don't claim to be connected to the Klan, even though we have found some white supremacists that are connected to these groups. They claim at this point this is not a Klan sponsored event, but they do indicate on Facebook that they are pro-white," Stone Mountain Police spokesperson John Bankhead said.

Bankhead said the Rock Stone Mountain application indicates they expect between 200 and 2,000 for the rally the park clearly does not support.

"Our hands are tied. We prefer they not have it here. We don't condone it. This is a family-oriented park that attracts people of all races," Bankhead said.

A second group, Confederates of Michigan, told FOX 5 News it is coming to Georgia to, "Keep the KKK off the mountain." The group organizer said he will bring 100 people from Michigan who really love Confederate history and despise hate.

The president of the Atlanta NAACP said the rally is further evidence that Georgia needs to stop celebrating the confederacy which further divides our state.

The Stone Mountain Police said it will hire additional security on March 23 to ensure that all park visitors are safe.