Principal: Swastika found painted inside Centennial High School

Fulton County Schools and Roswell Police are investigating after hate-filled graffiti was found spray-painted in several locations inside Centennial High School Monday including a swastika.

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In a letter to parents, Principal Anthony Newbold denounced the action.

"I am especially disgusted that this perpetrator or group of perpetrators painted a swastika, a historic and extreme emblem of hatred, on our school," the principal wrote.


Principal Newbold said he immediately contacted school police who are working with Roswell Police to find the vandal. He said custodians spent Monday removing the graffiti.

"Let me extremely clear, graffiti and school vandalism will not be tolerated and our community rejects the hatred these symbols represent. Be assured that as Centennial Knights, we find these actions offensive and completely against tour beliefs as an open and accepting school community," Newbold wrote.

The principal said he was in contact with several area Rabbis to formulate a unified community response. He also urged parents to discuss the student code of conduct handbook with their children.

Newbold urged anyone with information to contact either Fulton County Schools Police or the Roswell Police Department.