Postal Service employees arrested for accepting bribes to deliver drugs

Federal law enforcement says numerous post office employees have broken the law. They allegedly used their jobs as postal carriers to make illegal side money -- bribes.

Here's what the FBI and the postal police say was taking place.

The workers made a pact with a person they believed to be a drug dealer to ensure packages of cocaine were shipped successfully.

What they did not know is that the dealer was really working with law enforcement and what was in those packages -- fake drugs.

In all seventeen were arrested. Of those 16 are postal workers.

Here are the names of all those facing charges. Cydra Rochelle Alexander, Aurthamis O. Burch, Kawan Rashun Champion, Eleanor Lolita Golden, Tonie Harris, Leea Janel Holt, Clifton Curtis Lee, Shakeed Anilah Magee, Horace Manson, Olivia Marita Moore, Eddie Nash, Jeffrey A. Pearson, Rodney Antwain Salter, Frank Webb, Katrina Nicole Wilson, Harvel Donta Young and Dexter Bernard Frazier.